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Sonic Underground was made in 1999 and ran for four months, its first episode on January 6th and its final one on May 23rd. Despite the short runtime, 40 episodes were still able to be made. The story follows Sonic, Manic and Sonia, triplets who were separated at birth by their mother, Queen Aleena, who scattered them to different homes in order to protect them from the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik. Because their mother is a queen, this makes them the princes and princess of the kingdom their mother once ruled, Mobius. The triplets' goal is to find their mother, stop Dr. Robotnik and eventually ascend the throne, but due to the cancellation of the show, none of these were achieved.

April 25th, 2020- There appears to be a problem with how relationships are portrayed in the wikis. Princess Sally Acorn is depicted as being Sonia, Manic and Sonic's sister (well, in the wiki, anyway) but she's also depicted to be Sonic's.... love interest? I don't have access to the editing of tabs such as Sally, Tails and other mainstream characters. If someone would fix this, the Wiki would be much smoother and with more factual information.

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